Take a Peek at the Past Stories of the Lives of Dota 2 Heroes

Take a Peek at the Past Stories of the Lives of Dota 2 Heroes

Did you know except Windrunner was an orphan who was saved by the wind? If Anti Mage has an oath to destroy the magic available in the world? It’s not just getting to know the skillset and game mechanics, getting to know the life stories of the heroes of Dota 2 or what is known as Dota 2 Lore is no less interesting. So instead of being too late and curious, let’s see the story of more than one hero dota 2 navigation:

Sven – The Traitor Knight

It is said that Sven is the illegitimate child of a descendant of a line from the Vigil Knight along with a race named Pallid Meranth. Sven is an orphan, his father was executed for breaking the rules of the Vigil Codex while his mother was estranged by her race.

Like his father, Sven also entered the ranks of the Vigil Knights, but he believed only one honor was available only to himself. On the day of his appointment as a Vigil Knight, he took possession of the Outcast Blade, destroyed the Sacred Helmet, and burned the Vigil Codex within the Vigil Holy Flame. After that he left the ranks of the Vigil Knight and now he is a Rogue Knight.

Earthshaker – Entity From Earth

Earthshaker is a creature born from the earth, like a Golem. But unlike the Golem, he was born of his own free will and does not serve any master. He was born in the Peaks of Nishai when the ground was no longer earthquakes. He formed himself into a living creature in the form of a beast and named himself Raigor Stonehoof. He becomes like other living beings but he is still a soul from the earth.

Anti Mage – Magic Hating Turstarkuri Monk

Anti Mage is a wanderer who becomes an Acolyte of the Turstarkuri monks. One day, the Turstarkuri monk monastery was attacked by a group of dark entities called the Legion of the Dead Gods. Monks are slaughtered, more than one of them is resurrected and forced to serve the army of Dead God worshipers.

The Anti Mage is the last remaining monk. Armed only with the Turstarkuri monk’s scroll of knowledge, he fled. In leaving he harbored a deep grudge against the Legion of the Dead God. He swore that he would wipe out all the Dead God troops who use magic and would finish off all magic in this world.

Mirana – The Princess of the Moon Goddess

Mirana is a member of the royal family, she is also the heir to the throne of the daughter of the Solar Throne. But he chose to leave the throne next and dedicate himself to Selene the Moon Goddess. Since then he has also been known as the Priestess of the Moon, he now lives in Nightsilver Woods caring for the goddess’s magical heirloom, Luminous Lotus in Silvery Pools.